The Claddagh ring in Galway

7 May 2014

Earlier today I stumbled on the video below that provides a great slice of Galway culture. It’s a quick 4-minute documentary about the Claddagh ring and it’s history and connection to Galway. The video has some cool shots of the city and the Thomas Dillon shop down the street from me, home to the original Claddagh ring. It’s an interesting lesson on what the ring means to Irish culture, whether you just play fake Irish once a year for Paddy’s Day or proudly claim 100% ancestry to the motherland like my family. The connections to the US and September 11th that are mentioned in the clip are extremely powerful.

Not a day goes by that I am not completely floored at how lucky I am to live and work in a place as culturally rich in Irish heritage as Galway City.

And for the bachelors out there, if you start chatting up a woman wearing a Claddagh ring and the heart is pointed towards herself, now you know she is taken!

Happy Wednesday everybody.



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