Month: October 2015

Positivity matters in Q4


We are officially in the throes of Q4. Sales teams across the globe are scrambling to hit yearend targets and maximize the value of their cherished comp plans. Business leaders are trying to juggle the demands of a big yearend while simultaneously finding time to strategically plan 2016 growth initiatives. This can be a stressful time for all involved (including the supportive families outside of work). At SmartBear we recently completed a fantastic leadership development training course around the topic of “taking charge of your success.” The idea is very simple, yet extremely powerful. Taking accountability for one’s output and maintaining a positive outlook no matter what comes your way is critical to the future success of any individual or company.

I sent the below email to my team after the session which I felt compelled to share with a wider audience. Cheers to a successful yearend for any sales pro currently grinding away at what appears to be a massive target. We will get there together!

#seekglory #staypositive


From: Miles Kane 

Sent: 07 October 2015 19:10

To: Staff-Galway

Subject: Positivity matters in Q4


Thank you for your time and attention today during the leadership development training course around the topic of “taking charge of your success.” As we look to scale our business towards yearend 2015 and into 2016 this message will continue to resonate with all of us. A positive, team first approach will drive us towards continued success and growth for many quarters to come.

In the heat of Q4 there will be many opportunities to apply this principle. Over the next several weeks I am confident in saying that the following three things will happen to all of us at least once:

-You will have a bad day due to something outside of your control this quarter

-You will lose a deal that is in your current pipeline for the quarter

-You will be pissed off by a customer or co-worker at some stage of the quarter

Our success will be defined not by these events, but by how we respond. We often don’t choose what happens to us, but we always choose how we think about it. Maintaining a positive outlook through the highs and lows of any given quarter has been a hallmark of our team so far that we will continue to strive for. With the players we have assembled, there is no stopping us.

I am proud to be a part of the greatest EMEA HQ in the world. Let’s go get em.



“We see what we look for. My experience is what I agree to attend to.” – William James

 P.S – for our fellow road warrior teammates who were unable to join today, the slides and recording will be on the wiki shortly. Please carve out a few hours over the course of the next week to review the material. You will not be disappointed.