Thank You Boston

With the recent tragic loss of two firefighters in the Back Bay and the Marathon approaching, the city of Boston has been on my mind a lot lately. A place I called home from 2003-2013. A place where I became who I am today.

Thank you Boston, for teaching me its not about getting knocked down, but how quickly you get back up. I will never forget where I was last April during the Marathon bombings. With friends outside Fenway Park taking in the tradition of Marathon Monday, my favorite day of the year to be in the city. 7 a.m. beers, Sox game, and then head down Boylston St to cheer on all the runners as they cross the finish line. Except there was no celebrating this time around. Shock, confusion, hysteria and so many other emotions ran through the city on April 15, 2013. But the strength, unity and perseverance shown by the entire city in the weeks that followed was something I am inspired by to this day. Being back at Fenway just days later alongside my brother Josh Waxman to hear Big Papi scream, “this is our fucking city!” was a moment forever to be etched in the memory of Red Sox Nation. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. No doubt the city will rally around each other once again and return stronger than ever after the tragedy on Beacon St. last week.

Thank you Boston, for teaching me it’s the people in your life, no matter the circumstances, that truly matter. Our group of friends throughout the years has become known as The Circle. Friendships that have turned into family. From Suffolk to Cactus Club, SmartBear to Portland, Maine, I know that no matter where life takes me, members of The Circle will be there at a moments notice for anything I would ever need. Advice, a laugh, a beer or a shot. Anything. It is truly the greatest group of people I have ever met. Yearly tryouts to gain admission into The Circle are held every summer on the 4th of July on Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Contact Ben Waxman for details.

Thank you Boston, for being the hub of countless amazing musical memories. Take one look at my Instagram feed and you quickly see I tend to enjoy a bit of the rock n roll. With Boston you have every artist or band worth a salt coming through on tour, as well as reachable distances to Newport, the Berkshires, Portland, Providence, NYC. The list goes on. Mitch Miskified and I even had a run with the music site DedMelsHQ to track our never-ending musical journey (we will ride again!). I can’t wait to someday steal Uncle Frank the Tank’s idea and frame all my concert tickets I’ve been collecting. Got some good ones in there!

Thank you Boston, for teaching a lifelong heartbroken Minnesota sports fan what its like to root for a championship caliber sports town. Seven titles in ten years as a resident. A streak that might never be surpassed. It felt like every season there was a different wave of support drawn throughout New England for whichever team was competing for a title. Yes I swallowed my pride year after year and will forever root for those lovable losing franchises in MN, but at least I got to witness KG get a ring in ’08. Anything is possible.

I may never leave Ireland. I may end up in sunny Manhattan Beach. Regardless of whether Boston is considered home again, I know with certainty that the friendships created and memories made in that pesky little town in the Northeast will be along for wherever I end up.

Thank You Boston. Don’t ever change.



Setting up shop in IRE

Hello friends,

Greetings from Galway City. It’s been a fun few weeks getting my bearings in town. From Paddy’s Day pints to seriously strong gale force winds I’ve been getting a crash course into what makes this city in the west of Ireland so unique. By weeks end I should have an Irish bank account, local cell phone and a great 2-bedroom apartment to call my own right in the heart of the city. Now if I can just pick up the tin whistle I’ll be known as a local in no time.

A few lessons / observations /ramblings on my first 10 days as a Galway resident:

-Paddy’s Day is taken very seriously (confirmed first hand its not just an excuse for Americans to drink heavily while wearing funny green hats, although there was plenty of that as well last Monday). Parades, pub-crawls, and a level of energy even the heartiest revelers would enjoy.

-The people are incredible. Clearly I am biased with a strong Irish background but I’ve already met so many nice people who genuinely want to help out and get to know you. Bartenders, taxi drivers, realtors (letting agents as they are known) all have a story for you and want to chat. Tell them you are from Boston and there’s a 100% chance they have a cousin or brother in Southie (or so they say). True or not, the Irish hold Boston in high regard.

A Friday night sets in Galway.

A Friday night sets in Galway.

-I’ve been staying at an AirBnb on Mary St while I get set up. It’s a great little studio apt right in the City Centre, a short walk to anything needed. Outside my door are four fine establishments: a Mexican restaurant, a tattoo parlor, an Asian restaurant, and a biker bar named Sally Longs. I frequent three out of the four.

Contrary to the pic, the inside of the AirBnB is quite modern and nice.

Contrary to the pic, the inside of the AirBnB is quite modern and nice.


Thank you Sally Longs, for teaching me I don't want to live next to Sally Longs.

Thank you Sally Longs, for teaching me I don’t want to live next to Sally Longs.

-The weather is hilarious to me. Yes it rains damn near every day this time of year, but when you talk to a local they act as if they were expecting 70s and sunny everyday. “Can you believe this shit weather we are having mate??” is muttered daily. Do they realize they live in the west of Ireland and not Manhattan Beach?

-La Salsa’s 5-euro burritos are out of this world. The food in general in town is really good, way beyond expectations. Not that I didn’t expect to be able to find a decent meal but the number of hip joints with really good local food has been a nice surprise. Think Portland Maine vibe.

-If I tipped every street performer I saw on a daily basis on Shop St I’d be broke in a month. The buskin culture in this town is amazing. Would make Lyle D proud.

couple the fellas on Shop St playin tunes

couple the fellas on Shop St playin tunes

-On the business front I’ve been settling into being a remote employee in the interim, using my mornings to meet with bankers, lawyers, realtors and keeping busy with my team back in Boston through the afternoon and evenings. Stay tuned for more exciting updates here in the coming weeks.

For a behind the scenes look at the streets of Galway, my man Pharrell has got you covered-


Hope you are well wherever it is you find yourself in the world.








A Sunday Night Ramble

next stop, the motherland.

next stop, the motherland.

March 9 ’14

Where has the time gone, 2014? It is already mid-March, and this time next week I will officially be in Ireland. Crazy to think. The last few days have been filled with random errands trying to tie up loose ends before my flight leaves. Saturday evening, nonstop to Shannon, arriving just in time for St. Pats Day. What great timing.

If you have found yourself asking the question, why another blog, MLK? Whatever happened to anyway? You are not alone. I think at last count this is something like my 2,453 attempt at getting into a consistent writing groove. Who knows, maybe there will be some reunion posts to share between myself and Mitch Miskified (co-creator of DedMels, lifelong fellow rocker.)

To answer the question of why another blog, I have four answers:

1) fuel my writing interests. that first book isn’t going to write itself.

2) easy place for family and friends to keep tabs on my journey (the Fitz family “reply-all” chat rooms can be exhausting).

3)  share some tips about what to do and more importantly what not to do while living abroad.

4) create a repository to look back on when I inevitably lose my memory and wonder how I spent my late 20s in Ireland.

Writing has always been one of my passions and I have been sorely lacking on practicing the craft the past few years. This upcoming year is going to be a wild and crazy experience so I want to make sure to document as much as possible, to learn from my mistakes as well as share some success stories for those interested in learning about an American on ex-pat assignment in Europe.

That is all for now – stay tuned for more to come…

Random musical plug for the night – how cool is this Band of Horses video? Was fortunate to catch them recently at the Somerville Theater on their acoustic tour. Very cool show –